ESO: New teaser gives first insight into the 2022 content

The Elder Scrolls Online has given a first preview of the 2022 content in a short teaser video. The video is mostly about seafaring, so gamers suspect that the Bretons could play an important role this year.

What does the teaser show? In just under 70 seconds, the focus is on a ship that is initially on a table where strategic decisions are made. A few seconds later you can see the ship in action as it sails to an island and a large city. A heavily armored warrior can later be seen looking from a balcony at the ships that are about to overturn in a storm. Finally, reference is made to the big announcement event for the year 2022. This will take place on January 27th.

Players expect intrigue from the Bretons

What can you infer from the teaser? On YouTube and in reddit, players are already speculating what the cinematic teaser might mean. Many come to the conclusion that 2022 will be about the Bretons. They justify this with the type of armor and the architecture of the city. The developers had already revealed that this year everything will revolve around a playable people who have so far received little attention. So the trip is likely to go to the High Isle. There will also be a classic “Elder Scrolls” intrigue this year.

How are the Bretons doing? The Bretons are really popular with many players. Some players write that they have wished for an expansion with exactly this people for a long time. The new year is already causing a lot of hype, while others are still skeptical because they are not yet familiar with the special features of the expansion. Most recently, Blackwood’s content was a bit disappointing.

New pet as rewards for watching

What exactly happens on January 27th? At the event announcement event on January 27th, all players will be given a closer look at the 2022 content. Usually we also find out what the specifics of the upcoming expansion in summer will be. You can follow the live stream on the Bethesda Twitch channel. If you switch on the live stream, you can also get the new The Barnacle-Back Coral Crab pet via Twitch Drops. For this you have to connect your ESO and your Twitch account.

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