Elder Scrolls Online provides new information about the performance issues in PvP

MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online has been struggling with performance issues in the PvP area Cyrodiil for quite some time. At the beginning of 2020, a large project to improve performance was presented. There were no results or a serious change or communication. Now game director Matt Firor is commenting on the problem after a long time.

What are the performance issues in PvP? Playing in Cyrodiil is plagued by performance dips or frequent disconnects, particularly during “prime time” (~ 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.). It’s not uncommon to find yourself thrown out of the game, stuck in the endless loading screen, or banging on the buttons waiting for a skill to pop up. Especially when many players meet in a battle for a castle, many a duel is only decided because one gets his skills out and the other doesn’t. Strangely, some castles are more affected than others. Outside of these times, these problems don’t actually exist at all.

So it’s understandable that many players are frustrated. Especially after a large phased project for performance improvement and testing in the PvP area was announced in January 2020 at the “ESO Tavern” in Cologne. Unfortunately, this was followed by a long period of silence, which didn’t sit well with the community.

ZOS understands player frustration

ESO Game Director Matt Firor writes that he can understand the frustration of many players. Especially given the lack of information about the PvP plans for ESO, which has been widely criticized.

We completely understand the frustration many of you are feeling, especially with lack of information about our PvP plans. This was a huge decision to make and we needed to make sure we had exhausted all other possibilities before announcing this. Thanks for bearing with us, and we will give you periodic updates about the re-architecture progress over the course of the year.

He justifies the silence by saying that all other options must be exhausted before this announcement can be made and talks about providing regular updates to the players in the future.

No new PvP content until issues are fixed

Until the problems are fixed, there will be no new content for Cyrodiil and Battlegrounds. This is not intended to exacerbate the current problem. Instead, work is being done to fix existing bugs and to keep players happy, there should be other ways to keep the current content interesting. Cyrodiil and Battlegrounds give “Special Rulesets” and weekend events as an example. Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly what the rulesets might look like.

Performance fix will take up most of 2022

Although there has been little communication from ZOS, work seems to have been done on the performance project. Matt Firor explains that a series of tests have been conducted which have been successfully completed. They now have the data they need and a plan for the future. But this plan could take some time, because the code would have to be fundamentally worked on or reprogrammed. With a game this big and complex, this will take some time. And the developers don’t want to rush anything.

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