Elder Scrolls Online: news about the new expansion High Isle

The MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online is getting a new chapter High Isle (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S), which will be released in summer 2022 and will bring areas from the homeland of the Bretons. So, unlike in previous years, we will be discovering completely new areas instead of encountering old content from the single player games.

What will ESO offer in 2022? Spread throughout 2022, ESO will receive 3 new DLCs and the major expansion High Isle, which is scheduled for release in June. The focus of the year is the Breton people.

The High Isle expansion brings:

  • A new area in the Systres archipelago with the High isle and Amenos, where the new volcanic vents await you as world events
  • A new story that is supposed to revolve around intrigues. The scope should be about 30 hours
  • The new trading card game “Tales of Tribute”
  • The new Dreadsail Reef trial for 12 players
  • Two new companions that expand the Blackwood system
  • Improvements to game systems throughout the year

Release date of High Isle and the new DLCs 2022

When will High Isle be released? The release of the new expansion is scheduled for June 6th on PC/Mac and June 21st for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. When will the first Ascending Tides DLC be released? The first DLC of 2022 will be released on March 14 for PC/Mac and March 29 for Playstation and Xbox. Two new dungeons are the focus of this update.

What’s next after High Isle? Another dungeon DLC is scheduled for release in the third quarter of the year. At the end of the year comes the story DLC, which will complete the entire story of “Legacy of the Bretons”. Exact details about the two DLCs are not yet available, although the last DLC usually always brings a new area.

Is ESO Free2Play? No, to be able to play ESO, you need at least one chapter, so either Tamriel Unlimited (the base game) or the expansions Morrowind, Summerset, Elsweyr, Greymoor, Blackwood or now High Isle. There is also the optional ESO+ subscription, which you can use to unlock the smaller DLCs and some in-game bonuses.

High Isle is available to pre-order on the ESO Store, Steam, Microsoft Store, and PS Store. All versions contain the new expansion, whereby the two collections also contain all 5 previous expansions.Those who pre-order the new expansion will receive the bonuses which are only available if you pre-order by April 4th.

High Isle brings new map and deck of cards

What is High Isle about? The entire year 2022 is dedicated to the Bretons and is therefore also called “Legacy of the Bretons”. In the expansion, you’ll explore a part of Nirn that hasn’t been seen in any part of the Elder Scrolls before. The High Isle is a tropical atoll surrounded by impressive white cliffs and offers several medieval forts, but also dense jungles. The new map is divided into the two regions High Isle and Amenos and will offer some visual variety. In addition, a completely new world event awaits you with the volcanic vents.

What happens in the story? History in the area revolves around a seedy order of knights that threaten the peace and security of the High Isle. The leader of the order is an aspiring prince. He uses a mysterious power to usurp an ancient legacy. A new game system is added with the expansion. Tales of Tribute is a tavern game where you can compete against both NPCs and other players. The focus is on various cards and decks that you can collect and put together yourself. These cards are designed to represent famous events or personalities from the ESO universe. Rewards include new achievements, collectibles, and even your own card game leaderboard.

The new companions

Blackwood introduced the companion system. These are NPCs that you can unlock, train and equip as you wish. They take a place in your group and can help you in the open world, but also in dungeons and trials. However, they are disabled in PvP. Two new companions will be released with High Isle: Isobel and Ember. Both get their own quest line, their own personalities and their own set of skills.

New rewards, antiques and more

Along with the expansion, there will again be a number of new rewards, new antiques and new collectibles that you can earn. Also featured at the end of the live stream was a new assistant elf, a new two-player mount, and an underwater house. In the future, titles and achievements will also apply account-wide. Although new sets and new mythic items were not explicitly announced, they have always been an important part of the new expansions in recent years. There is a good chance that High Isle will also have innovations in this area.

Will High Isle bring a new class? There will be no new class with the High Isle expansion. A revision like the vampires in Greymoor is not planned either. However, new classes are a popular feature in the community. The last class, however, was the Necromancer in 2019.

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