Elder Scrolls Online keeps getting better for new players

The MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online has been able to score points with new players in recent years thanks to its updates. Some of the changes are well received by the veterans, but many of them feel that they have been forgotten. We tell you why many veterans feel neglected.

What is meant by “veterans feel forgotten”? Long-time players feel neglected when it comes to new content or changes in the game. While ZOS makes a lot of changes to get new players started, often little happens to veteran content. In this article we are going to introduce you to a few points that are often criticized by the endgame and veteran community and that, in their opinion, are not adequately addressed.

The revision of the champion point system supports low levels

The champion points system has been completely redesigned with Update 29 Flames of Ambition. In addition, the experience required for leveling up has been adjusted so that the acquisition of champion points up to CP 1800 has been made much easier. New players in particular benefit from this. In addition, the group search has been added in recent years and the associated possibility of tapping the extra daily experience.

A new raid only once a year

Twice a year there is new quest and area content. There are a total of four new dungeons per year, but only one raid per year. The instances are often plagued by bugs and performance problems, so that the players often have to reset the instances. There are also phases in which a combat bug completely blocks the endgame until the next fix in a planned patch (every 2 weeks). As an example, I think of the light attack bug in Magicka classes or the really cruel time before the Greymoor chapter was released.

During that time the game had really massive server problems and there were delays of up to 40 seconds in some cases. This means that the incoming damage does not match the graphic. Suddenly you were dead and didn’t even know what had just happened. During this time, ESO lost an extremely large number of long-time players, as attempts for triple achievements (No Death, Speed ​​Run and HM in one run) were absolutely impossible at the time.

A major performance overhaul was announced in 2020

A major program to revise and improve server performance was announced at the ESO tavern in January 2020. However, the community does not feel that this project has really been completed or that it has received sufficient coverage. This project shouldn’t just “peter out” because the veterans are very interested in it and the project has received very positive feedback. So the disappointment was all the greater that there was no further information.

Existing problems in the Cyrodiil PvP area

Some tests were done in ESO‘s PvP area to improve performance. Players there had regular game crashes and extreme lags as soon as many players met each other. However, too little is reported about this project. The solution approaches were also based exclusively on the restriction of various functions. For example, all sets that not only increase stats have been deactivated. Ultimately, this leads to the fact that only 12 of the entire item sets retain their full functionality. But this is not a solution to the actual problem, but a way of combating symptoms.

The expensive chapters become simple DLC after 1 year

Another aspect that is great for newcomers, but has a bitter aftertaste for veterans. The chapters have to be bought extra for 1 year in order to be able to play them. After this year they will be included in the ESO Plus membership. Most veterans have them, but that is of little use to them in the first year. Nevertheless, the veterans have to buy this chapter in addition if they want to play the new raid. So in the end they often invest a lot in the game just to play relatively little content that is really useful or interesting to them. There should be a way to unlock the raid with ESO Plus.

Goals from Oblivion and Blackwood bring innovations for new players

The whole story of The gates of Oblivion has brought many changes and new content for newbies and Quest fans. The four big patches, including the big Blackwood chapter, brought the highly advertised companions into the game. Unfortunately, these AI companions are only really useful for newbies because they don’t replace a player. On the one hand, this is also good because no player is superfluous. On the other hand, they did not meet the expectations of the veterans and do not represent a point of interest for the endgame.

These positive aspects already exist for ESO Plus members

But what is the solution to these problems? That’s not that easy either. At least for ESO Plus members there is a free statuette for the home at certain intervals. Maybe devs should pick up there and come up with a little something else.

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