Elyon merges its regional servers and distributes bonuses

Failing to retain its players in a context of strong competition, Elyon merges its servers and distributes significant bonuses to help players reach the high level content.

We remember that at the end of last year, Kakao Games announced its project to merge Elyon’s western regional servers in order to group all European players on one server (Andromeda), and North American players on a second server (Cassiopeia).

Elyon portalAfter several weeks of preparation, the merger has been completed. And to encourage players to continue their adventure, and even to create new characters (especially with the new Archer class integrated into the MMORPG in mid-January), significant bonuses are being distributed to players.
Until March 2, Elyon players will receive an experience potion to boost a character from level 20 to level 40 (probably useful for those creating a new character) and playing at least 30 consecutive minutes will unlock a pack containing various legendary items. And until March 16, the chances of winning in dungeons are doubled.

As we know, Elyon’s high-level gameplay is based on large-scale PvP battles, which by definition require a large number of players to join the game servers. Nevertheless, the MMORPG is clearly struggling to retain players in a context of strong competition (first due to the launch of New World, then now Lost Ark in the West). It remains to be seen whether server mergers (to increase player populations) and event bonuses (to allow all players to quickly reach high-level content) will be enough to give Kakao Games’ MMORPG a second wind.

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