Elden Ring wants to better protect multiplayer from cheaters

The PC version of Elden Ring will not be released without an anti-cheat tool. Now we know that the Action RPG will be released with Easy Anti Cheat. This is now causing concern in the community, because a popular feature from the Dark Souls games could be in danger.

What’s special about it? Previous FromSoftware games that appeared with multiplayer were poorly protected from cheaters and hackers. This caused some chaos in PvP and co-op. Recently, however, a serious vulnerability was discovered that allowed hackers in Dark Souls 1-3 to even take control of other players’ PCs – via mere multiplayer sessions.

That and probably other things should have persuaded the makers of Elden Ring to do more against cheaters. That’s why Easy Anti Cheat, which is a widely used tool in numerous games, comes into play. These include, for example: Battlefield 2042, Apex Legends, Hunt: Showdown, Outriders, Fortnite. Elden Ring now joins this circle. But community reaction to the announcement has been mixed.

In the worst case, Easy Anti Cheat could mean the end of a popular feature of the Dark Souls series: modifications.

What role do mods play in Dark Souls? Mods are always a popular way to expand games or improve certain aspects, especially for long-term gamers. The Dark Souls games are still kept alive by modders and supplied with new mods. These can be smaller things like certain outfits or complete overhauls. There are even mods that change the entire game, including its own story, equipment and spells. It is precisely such mods that ensure that even the almost 11-year-old Dark Souls 1 is still played on the PC to this day.

Does Elden Ring’s New Cheat Protection Put Mods in Danger?

This is how the fans react: The first voices about this news vary greatly from joy to concern. Most players agree that measures against cheaters are necessary and correct. However, with Easy Anti Cheat, there could be a major hurdle for potential fan mods that may then no longer appear for the Elden Ring. This is evident from the numerous reactions in the subreddit to the game.

Why is this a problem? The anti-cheat tool has already shown in other games that it doesn’t get along very well with modifications and quickly recognizes them as a threat. Therefore, players now fear that modifications for Elden Ring could either be significantly more difficult or even be eliminated altogether.

Is there a solution? There are certainly ways to make modding at least partially possible. For example, the Microsoft studio 343 Industries has also installed Easy Anti Cheat for its Halo: Master Chief Collection. However, there are still extensive modding tools. In order to be able to play the collection with modifications, there is an option to disable the tool.

However, this divides online players into two groups – those with the tool enabled and those with the tool disabled.
Eventually, FromSoftware will build similar mechanics in Elden Ring to continue to support mods. But there is also the possibility that you wanted to limit the modding anyway. It is currently not known what the ultimate impact will be.

When will Elden Ring be released? The action RPG is coming to PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on February 24th.

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