Elden Ring features new gameplay with dungeon and boss fight

The closer we get to the release of Elden Ring, the more the promotional machine gets rolling. Numerous new gameplay scenes have now been released, showing familiar and new areas. This also includes a part of the game world that has hardly been shown before and a boss fight.

In less than a month, on February 25th, the time has come. Elden Ring is the next new game from FromSoftware, the developers of Dark Souls, Sekiro and Bloodborne. Now GameInformer has published a lot of information and gameplay scenes in two videos that deal with different areas of the game. The gameplay videos show, among other things, boss fights, dungeons and parts of the open world. There is even an area that has hardly been shown before. We summarize the most important information for you.

This is what the gameplay shows: In the video we see how the player is traveling in the starting area Limgrave and encounters the dungeon “Castle Mourne”. This is a “mini-dungeon” that is part of the optional content in Elden Ring and of which there should be a number in the huge game world. For a mini dungeon, however, this is quite extensive, as the gameplay video shows.

  • First we see how the player moves through the game world on his horse and explores it.
  • First it goes from high cliffs over a piece of forest to some fortress towers until the player finally comes to the entrance of the dungeon.
  • There a huge archer is waiting for him, who has to be killed first.
  • You can see some passages where the player moves using stealth.
  • In the course of the dungeon he encounters several enemies, but also loot in the form of loot.
  • Finally, the boss of the mini-dungeon is waiting at the back of the castle.

This fight packs a punch, at least judging by the scenes. It is a kind of lion-like beast on two legs that fights with a big sword. The boss’s name is not visible in gameplay. But it turns out that it should be pretty crisp. He moves fast, has a long range with a sword and hardly lets the player rest.

At the same time, you can also see a few new moves that players can use in Elden Ring. For example, he uses an ability to block with his shield and immediately launch a counterattack.

He also jumps over an attack. The new feature allows players to manually jump in Elden Ring for the first time, just one of the changes from previous FromSoftware games. In the comments, the reactions to the gameplay are very positive. For example, fans are praising the look of the boss arena, and some seem to be getting more and more excited about the game. Several comments also note that the game appears to have improved graphically since the first network test in November. It is difficult to say whether this is really the case.

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