Dragon Age 4

Dragon Age 4: the latest news

BioWare has excited the fans by revealing the main thing about its upcoming action game Dragon Age 4, which continues the storyline of the popular Dragon Age: Inquisition.

BioWare CEO Gary McKay shared information about future projects of the studio. Message with the last year’s results and plans for 2022 was published in a blog on the official company’s website.

Earlier the developers released a concept art of the Dragon Age 4 action, which fans have seen the Antivan Crow, an organization of thieves and assassins. We also learned that BioWare has abandoned plans for an online service for the future Dragon Age 4 in favor of a traditional RPG campaign.

It’s been over a year since fans saw the Dragon Age 4 trailer. Since then Electronic Arts company gave gamers just a few scant details about the new project. The developers from BioWare confirmed in the last interview, that future Dragon Age 4 game will be focused on single-player gameplay and made all the fans of this franchise happy. Also in the future action game a huge role is given to the players’ choice, which will determine the entire story and gameplay of the future Dragon Age 4. There is nothing revolutionary or unique in the latest announcement from BioWare. However, fans have caught the main message of the developers – the work on the game is in full swing.

It seems that Dragon Age 4 is still at a relatively early stage of development, since there is still no official title or release date. According to various insider leaks, Dragon Age 4 is scheduled for release in late 2023.

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