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Ubisoft postpones new content for The Division 2 indefinitely

The Division 2 official Twitter account announced the postponement of a significant content update from February 2022 indefinitely.


This is the second transfer – according to the original plans, the patch was planned to be released at the end of 2021.

Along with this, Ubisoft has postponed the cosmetic event, which was supposed to take place in December. The same went for the launch of the public test server.

The developers stated that the team needs more time to bring new content to the maximum quality level. Based on the post, Ubisoft Massive is planning more regular updates to the looter shooter and changes to some of the game’s basic mechanics in the future, which will take more time.

Ubisoft previously said The Division 2 would receive a new game mode, season (including the continuation of the story), endgame rework, specializations, and more. But the studio is not mainly in a hurry.

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