The Witcher 3’s new amazing Ciri cosplay

A new Ciri cosplay from The Witcher 3 is currently causing quite a stir with fans. The photos come from the Reddit user mina-bloody and show the elaborately tailored costume.

Not least due to the start of Season 2 of the Netflix series of the same name, the world of The Witcher is currently again in focus. So it is hardly surprising that the number of matching cosplays is currently growing. Especially the character Ciri still seems to be very popular with the community, which is proven not least by the cosplay of the Reddit user mina-bloody.

New cosplay of Ciri from Witcher 3

She has made it her business to create a cosplay of Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon (as the full name Ciri) is as true to the original as possible and, above all, very detailed. The zeal and passion of mina-bloody can be seen above all in the costume and d2r items, which looks very similar to the model.

The cosplayer has thought of all the important details such as decorations and accessories. That ranges from brown leather straps to the gloves. The weapon she carries in her hand looks just as noble as it is authentic. Even the striking scar that Ciri wears on her cheek is not missing in this pretty cosplay. It is currently receiving a lot of praise from other Reddit users. In the past weeks and months there have been numerous Witcher cosplays to see, all of which were also very impressive.

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