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Black Desert: basic skills of 17 classes after the “reboot”

Pearl Abyss has posted on the MMORPG Black Desert’s YouTube channel a detailed video comparing the basic skills of 17 classes before and after the “reboot.” In the video, you can see how the effects of skills, characteristics, as well as appearance of the characters have changed.

Let us remind you that the “reboot” of 17 classes took place together with the update on December 22nd. At the same time, new events were launched in honor of the New Year and Christmas.


Details of Black Desert Update

A new update has been released for Black Desert, which officially signals the start of the 2021 Winter Season. But that’s not the most significant change that arrived. The update just delivered the Class Reboot, a substantial overhaul of all classes. It looks like players won’t have much choice since the classes’ skills will be reset.

All classes, including specific ones, are affected by the overhaul. An example of change is Unyielding Might’s passive skill, now obtainable by every class upon reaching Level 62. This skill increases the damage of special attacks by 1%.

Another significant change is on speed-related attributes. There’s now an upper or lower limit for increases and decreases in Movement Speed, Attack Speed, and Casting Speed. Basically, the speeds can be increased up to 150% and reduced by a maximum of 50%. For example, when an effect lowers the character’s Movement Speed by 80%, it’s instead reduced by only 50%.

Newly adjusted are the Resistance of up to +80% and Ignore Max Resistance in PvP.


New region of Black Desert 

Along with classes changes, Black Desert will introduce a new region – Mountain of Eternal Winter, which is a snow-capped new region dominated by a mountain and filled with new quests, monsters, and breathtaking environments. Players will see themselves return to this region after the quest chain completion to snowboard, ice fish, and acquire new items. With this region update, new artifacts such as Labreska’s Helmet, Black Star Sub-weapon, and Deboreka Belt will also be available. This new Mountain of Eternal Winter region will be added to Black Desert on PC in the first half of next year.


Black Desert is an action MMORPG with sandbox elements and almost endless grind. The main occupation of the players is the farming of various monsters, items, and the further development of the heroes. You can also engage in pumping professions, fight in PvP in arenas or sieges, travel on ships on the sea surface, and unite in groups to kill bosses.

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