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Ashes of Creation clarifies its Alpha 2 and illustrates its playable races

As part of its monthly livestream, the studio Intreprid outlines the upcoming additions to Ashes of Creation’s Alpha 2 (you’ll be able to progress to level 35) and illustrates the playable races of Orks and Dwarves of the MMORPG.

Every end of month, the studio Intrepid organizes a long livestream reporting on the progress of the development of Ashes of Creation. The latest one was held this Friday and the developer outlined its preparations for the Alpha 2 of the MMORPG – for the record, Ashes of Creation was the subject of an Alpha 1 completed last August and since then, the developer has been fine-tuning the content of the next testing session.

Coming up in Alpha 2

One of the things we can learn from it is that the studio is still recruiting and that from now on, the whole development team is working on the Unreal Engine 5 version of Ashes of Creation (and not on the Unreal Engine 4 anymore).

As for the game, the studio goes back to the content of the upcoming Alpha 2. It’s likely that you’ll be able to progress to level 35, and the developer says it’s currently fine-tuning the in-game economy – each area of Verra’s world (the nodes) can specialize in a specific field, and some of them may become territories that are heavily reliant on trade.

The studio is currently defining the economic issues of the trade nodes, including the economic relationships between regions (via trade routes – the studio used the livestream to illustrate the changes in the game world’s routes as the nodes develop), the economic relationships between players, and how the representatives of each node will be able to manage its resources.

The studio is also continuing to update the combat system to refine the “signature” of each class (their play style and role within a group) and hybrid classes. So many elements that should be revealed in Alpha 2.

In addition, in the interest of transparency, the developer also specifies that some content of Ashes of Creation could be instantiated, including some fortress sieges: a small instance in which two antagonistic groups could fight for a fortress, and if necessary, the outcome of the confrontation could influence the outcome of larger battles. According to the studio, the instances avoid zerging, in addition to posing fewer technical difficulties. The various mechanics will be tested and feedback from testers is welcome.

Playable Race Models

The studio Intreprid will also soon illustrate the avatar customization options. In the meantime, the developer has unveiled models of several of the playable races that will be available at launch in Ashes of Creation. These include models of Orks and Dwarves.

Ork Ren' KaiOrk VekIn the world of Verra, the Ork have long been a nomadic and conquering people. After centuries of conflict, the Orks have nevertheless united to form the Kaivek Protectorate and settle in some of the lands of Verra, in order to maintain peaceful relations with their neighbors.

The protectorate is a fragile organization, however, and conquests could resume. There are two major tribes among the Orks: the Ren’Kais, a proud and powerful people who value power; and the Veks, explorers and astrologers who love maps and use the stars to find their way around (they reveal themselves for the first time).

Meanwhile, the Dwarves are one of the ancient peoples of Verra – they are said to have come to the continent in ships of stone and iron, before colonizing the mountains of Verra and forming the Dünzenkell nation, renowned for its excellent blacksmiths, craftsmen and silversmiths. However, the Dwarf people have split into two groups: the Dünirs are builders (proud of the constructions and works they make), considering the mountains as their home and especially as impregnable natural fortresses. The Niküas, on the contrary, perceive the mountains as a prison: their great talent as goldsmiths is renowned in the world of Verra and they travel to all the main capitals of the world to trade with them.Nain Dunir in helmetNain Dunir

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