Ashes of Creation reveals new way to customize character

In a new Developer’s Update, the creators of Ashes of Creation introduced their character editor. It brings along some functions that are generally not known from MMOs or games. The options seem more like what designers get their hands on.

What is this MMORPG? Ashes of Creation has been in development for a while. The focus is on an evolving world that sounds similar to that of New World. However, the game is still in an early phase. First testers say that the MMORPG still needs some polishing. After many games from Asia at the moment, Ashes of Creation is still the hope from the west for fans of the genre. The game’s boss, millionaire Steven Sharif, is promising one of the “biggest and most successful MMORPGs.” At the end of 2021, the developers announced that they were switching to Unreal Engine 5 and showed 18 minutes of gameplay. Now there are new insights into the upcoming Alpha 2. In a new video, developers and designers focused primarily on the new character editor.

What is so special about the editor? Unlike most other games, Ashes of Creation does not work with presets that can only be combined. Instead, players get almost complete control over their appearance. The biggest feature is the “Blending” feature. Here you can combine different presets and then use a sliding menu to set which body part is more based on which preset. Since the transition is fluid, the body still looks natural.

The exciting thing is that “families” can also be created. By mixing two presets, the result is more or less related to both templates. The system should also be used to create NPCs or animal companions, although it is not entirely clear whether these will also be available to players to the same extent. In this almost all body parts and parts can be selected. You can then use 3D modeling to decide for yourself how the size, shape or curvature of the areas should change. There are also dozens of choices and sliders for:

  • Shape, position and size of tattoos and scars
  • Height, weight and girth of specific areas such as the buttocks
  • Wrinkles, pigmentation and skin tone
  • The length of the hair and beard
  • Color transitions in hair, such as roots for gray hair or more

“Imperfect” and more realistic looks are also possible, for example due to scars. Depending on the race played, however, there are limits and different scalings to keep the overall picture consistent. Possibilities such as different coloring of the eyes (heterochromia or a blind eye) are also being discussed, but are not yet possible. The developers say that all this still needs a lot of work. So more should be possible.

When can I see more? The editor and other new features should be usable in Alpha 2. However, when exactly this will take place has not yet been announced. Some fans are currently speculating about a start in summer 2022. Those who pre-order certain packs can then participate themselves. However, since the Alpha 1 has been released from non-disclosure, we assume that you will still be able to see images of the Alpha 2 without access.

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