Ashes of Creation: new gameplay in Unreal Engine 5

The new MMORPG Ashes of Creation shows in an 18-minute new video the first gameplay in Unreal Engine 5, to which the title is now moving.

What happened in Ashes of Creation? The ambitious MMORPG has been in development for several years and will probably be a long time coming. But that in itself is nothing new. However, the developers have recently announced that the game will now be switched to the new Unreal Engine 5. This graphically offers more possibilities and should make the MMORPG run smoother and better.

This is not the first MMORPG to be developed in Unreal Engine 5. ArcheAge 2 also relies on the new graphics engine. So also the new MMO Into the Echo, which could even be played.

How was the change announced? The developers showed an 18-minute long video in which the new engine is already in use. The new gameplay is also commented on by Creative Director Steven Sharif. He emphasizes how proud the team is of the changes and how much hard work has gone into making the game look the way it does. He pays special attention to the textures of the walls and rocks as well as the particles in the air and the new lighting that is used and made possible by Unreal Engine 5.

The community reacts rather cautiously

What are people saying? A thread on reddit, in which the new video was also shown, is currently being hotly debated. The Post was able to collect 151 comments in just 13 hours. However, these comments tend to be negative, even if many are enthusiastic about the new graphics. The focus of the discussion is the long development time. Many users fear that the release of Ashes of Creation will be delayed even further and that it will be postponed further due to the use of Unreal Engine 5.

However, the users agree that the new textures and effects of the UE5 look terrific and that the game could be a real eye-catcher graphically if the still somewhat wobbly animations are screwed on.
User NamelessCabbagge takes a more humorous view of this and writes, “This looks great, I can’t wait to play it in a decade or two.” Well-known MMO YouTuber TheLazyPeon comments: “This is the best possible announcement at the end of the year. I look forward to seeing the progress you will make in 2022. Cheers! ” Another user commented: “The surroundings look great. The character models and animations, however, look like they were from 2005. I’m curious. ”

What do you think of the upgrade to Unreal Engine 5? Are you curious about Ashes of Creation and do you think the game can benefit from the update or do you think it will just be another delay?

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