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Netmarble integrates a blockchain-based economic system into its MMO A3: Still Alive

Via the next update of the MMORPG A3 Still Alive, the Netmarble Group will roll out a dungeon in which players can earn a new blockchain-based resource that can be traded in and out of the game.

We know how popular Play-to-Earn mechanics are with some studios, especially in South Korea. The giant Netmarble, known for its mobile MMORPGs (Lineage II Revolution, Blade & Soul Revolution or more recently Marvel Future Revolution), is part of this trend and intends to change the business model of its MMORPG A3 Still Alive – distributed on mobile and PC platforms.

A3 Still Alive bossNext month, the developer will roll out a new update that promises, among other things, the addition of a new instance, the Inetrion dungeon, accessible from level 190 and which has the particularity of being at the heart of a new ecosystem based on the blockchain.

In concrete terms, the dungeon includes its share of monsters and bumps, which, once defeated, can give up Inetrion ore. This new resource can be refined into Inetrium, a blockchain-based currency that players can “store, trade, sell or buy” in-game and out-of-game – Inetrium can also be converted back into Inetrion ore for in-game use.
In other words, the game economy is meant to develop both in-game and out-of-game, according to the laws of supply and demand, between players.

According to Netmarble, this is a first step towards a larger ecosystem based on blockchain – and we expect it to develop in other, more private games too?

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